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Light Up Your Health

Red Mojo brings you an at-home clinical-grade red light therapy device to improve your health

Light Up Your Health

Red Mojo brings you an at-home clinical-grade red light therapy device to improve your health

Backed By Science

Red & NIR light therapy have been widly research with 4,000 laboratory tests, 550 RCTs (randomized controlled trials), 167 systematic reviews and 30 new research papers monthly.


More than


Research papers published


In which


Have shown positive outcomes




As the most studied wavelength

 Mojo Play

Clinical grade at-home red light therapy device.

 Red Light Therapy Benefits

Red light has been scientifically proven to improve many conditions

Hair growth

Reduce inflammation

Skin rejuvenation

Boost cellular health

Boost fertility

Heal bones

Reduce adipose tissue

Help muscle recovery

How to Start

We pack up what you need to know to start red light

What's is red light therapy?

The use of light-emitting diodes (LED) or low-level laser therapy stimulates cellular activity to achieve therapeutic benefits through several different mechanisms at the cellular leve

How does red light work?

Most research shows that light in the spectral range from 600 to 680 nm and 800 to 880 nm is beneficial for promoting wound healing, tissue repair, and skin rejuvenation, working on three levels: the molecular, cellular, and tissue

How to start your red light journey!

Red light therapy isn’t one of those treatments that you need a lot of equipment for. It’s something that once you decide you want to significantly improve your health, you can seek out a location that offers a service.

Red Mojo is Safe

We ensure our product aligns with strict verifications processes and measurements for your safety

Low EMF Radiation

Our device emits a low level of EMF radiation compared to other products on the market: ≃0.05ut @ 2 inches.

Low Flicker Rate

Our devices are tested to avoid a high flicker rate. We currently achieved a flicker rate of less than 0.1%.


Red Mojo is selling CE, RoHS, and FCC certified devices.

See what biohackers, MD’s and scientists
are saying about red light therapy

Whether you’re looking for systemic benefits like weight management, sleep, testosterone and muscle building, or just trying to rehab from an injury or get a cosmetic skin boost, I highly recommend red and near-infrared light therapy.

Ben Greenfield Performance Coach & Biohacker
Ben Greenfield

Red light therapy works from the inside-out to enhance mitochondrial function in cells. Red light decreases skin inflammation, smooths skin tone, repairs sun damage, fades scars and stretch marks, and builds collagen in the skin, reducing wrinkles.

Dave Asprey Biohacker & Founder of Bulletproof
Dave Asprey

Advances in the understanding of PBM mechanisms of action at a molecular and cellular level, have provided a scientific rationale for its use for multiple diseases. PBM has an almost complete lack of reported adverse effects, provided the parameters are understood at least at a basic level.

Dr. Michael Hamblin Harvard/MIT Researcher
Dr. Michael Hamblin

Research on red light and near-infrared light therapy has become a hot topic, and proven benefits include various skin benefits (including wrinkle reduction!), weight loss, oral health improvement, improved muscle recovery, better sleep quality, enhanced thyroid health, reduced joint pain and reduced inflammation, speedy wound recovery, and more!

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD New York Times bestselling author & world-renowned health expert
Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

RLT also boosts circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues, realistically, you can expect RLT to improve your skin’s tone and texture. The skin-clearing secret lies in RLT’s anti-inflammatory effects

Rhonda Q. Klein, MD, MPH, FAAD board-certified dermatologist with award-winning experience in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology
Rhonda Q. Klein, MD, MPH, FAAD


Still, need some help? Find more in our FAQ or contact us

What’s the difference between red, near-infrared?

Red and near-infrared light are both natural light emitted by the sun. Red light falls between the 600-700nm wavelength on the light spectrum and is most commonly used for superficial treatments such as skin and hair repair. In contrast, near-infrared light falls between the 700-1100nm wavelength are used for more in-depth treatments like joint pain, muscle recovery, and improving cellular health.

Both red and near-infrared light therapy has been clinically proven to provide health benefits for various health conditions.

Which Red Mojo device should I choose?

Every Red Mojo device uses red & near-infrared LEDs. The main difference between our devices will be treatment coverage and irradiance level.

Mojo Go is for small targeted areas like the face, hair, or any other smaller area of the body. It’s portable and easy to use on the go with a battery life of 1.5 hours.

Mojo Play is a half-body treatment that has a high irradiance level to treat deep tissues and bones. It can be used for a wide variety of benefits like skin health, muscle recovery, boosting cellular health, reducing inflammation, and decreasing adipose tissue.

How do I use my Red Mojo device?

We advise you to start with a short session to see how you react to red light therapy. Ideally, start with 1-3 minutes at 6-10 inches from the device. Gradually increase to 3 sessions per week, eventually working towards 5 sessions per week with longer duration treatments. Consistency is critical to see results. As well, deep treatments will need more time and skin exposure, while superficial treatments require less time.

What is beam angle and why does it matter?

The beam angle is the coverage of a single LED. The wider it is, the more light coverage you will have, but also the less irradiance. A smaller device like Mojo GO, which is not made for deep tissues, can have a wider beam angle. Devices like Mojo Play and Mojo Pro that are bigger and have more LEDs have a lower beam angle of 30° to elicit higher irradiance.

Can I use this therapy if I have a medical implant?

We do not recommend using our device if you have a medical implant. Please check with your doctor before using our device.

What are the EMF levels?

EMF waves are electromagnetic field frequencies. Several studies have shown that a high amount of EMF exposure could be harmful to health in the long term. All electronic devices emit some EMF radiation, but it is essential to minimize your exposure. Our devices have low EMF levels at ≃0.05ut @ 2 inches.

Do I need safety glasses when using the light?

For healthy eyes, there have been no reported side effects of using red light devices. As with every direct light source, we do not recommend looking directly at the LEDs. If you have sensitive eyes, you should use eye protection.

Can I use the devices too much or for too long?

Our devices are completely safe to use, but nevertheless, it is not recommended to use them for long exposure times. It is better to use red light therapy is a small chunk of 2, 5, 10, and 15 minutes.

When will my pre-order ship?

The official launch of Mojo red light devices will be on 10 of September 2020 (due to the covid-19 pandemic some delays could happen). Your pre-order will be shipped after this date.

What is your return policy?

Please consult our return policy here. We offer a 30-day trial and accept returns only if the product is damage-free and in its original box.